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Putting is like wisdom. Partly a natural gift and partly the accumulation of experience.
– Arnold Palmer

Pin Seeker is a polypropylene sand filled green that allows for both putting and longer approach shots. The high-quality playing surface provides a realistic artificial green that performs like real grass.

You want to up your game. Those side wagers with your buddies are taking their toll. There’s an upcoming golf tourney at work and you want to compete. We get it. We know that 60% of the shots you take on the course are putts. We also know that a good player who’s a great putter is a match for any opponent. But that wisdom requires work. Research. Practice. This is where GolfGreens comes into play. Installing an artificial golf green on your property gives you the perfect space to hone your short game—and they compliment your landscaping perfectly as well!

GolfGreens by ForeverLawn features a full product range of artificial golf greens that fit the bill for any application. EZ Putt is perfect for typical residential applications and a family favorite. True Putt 10/11 is perfect for the advanced amateur, semi-pro or professional looking for precision accuracy. We even have GolfGreens Fringe for framing your green and adding extra realism.

True Putt 10/11 is great for practicing precision putts. The texturized nylon surface mirrors the fast green speeds of pro golf courses, with a stimpmeter reading of 10 to 11 feet. The short, dense construction offers a realistic, smooth surface for consistent ball roll.

We can help you choose which product is perfect for you and how many holes you can fit in the designated area. We’ve installed greens over 1000 SF with multiple holes and lies for the most versatile practice experience around. Customers have even designed their green to match legendary putting greens from courses around the world. Artificial Golf Greens can be installed in your backyard or even indoors (for those late-night practice sessions).

If you can dream it, we can do it!


EZ Putt is a family favorite for the backyard. The entry-level putting green has a medium pile height and average stimp speed that allows for consistent putting and short range approach shots.

Once your green is installed, you’re going to need some drills and tips to get your short game in gear. Here’s seven to get you thinking:

  1. Relax! Tensing your muscles and gripping the putter can SEEM like you’re controlling your muscles but you’re really giving yourself less margin for error. Relax, visualize your shot, and go into it with the mindset of a Ninja Master.
  2. Don’t worry what others think. Develop a stance that works for you. If it’s the same one that Ben Spieth uses, great. If not, does it matter if you look like a hulking mastodon if you’re putting your buddies to shame? (pun firmly intended)
  3. Find your spot. Once you line up the shot, instead of aiming at the hole itself, focus on an imaginary spot along that line, approximately 3 feet (0.9 meters) in front of you. If you’ve visualized the putt correctly, the ball should roll on through that imaginary target to the hole
  4. Measure it out. Line up a yard stick at the perpendicular to your putter. Practice rolling the ball along the yard stick. If you’re squaring up properly, the ball should roll right along the edge of the yard stick
  5. Close your eyes. When you stroke the ball, think about rolling it and not striking it. Does the ball jump off your putter a bit? You’re probably striking the ball a bit too hard. Closing your eyes when you practice can help you stroke the ball since you won’t be able to tell exactly when your putter will hit it.
    Pro Putt & Chip is a versatile product for the entertainer or avid golfer. The taller pile height allows for chip shots up to ten yards, and the consistent putting surface has a stimp speed of 8 to 9 feet.

    Practice one-handed. Practicing one-handed will help you get set into your spot better. Removing that additional layer of control will be tricky at first, but if you can get better at putting with one hand, you’ll set yourself better when you go back to two-handed putting. Plus you’ll be able to hold a frosty adult beverage with your other hand when your practice one-handed.

  7. Spend more time putting! Now that you have your GolfGreen installed and ready to go, you should have NO PROBLEM achieving this one!

You should also check out this helpful video from GolfGreens:

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