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If one thing’s for sure, it’s that dogs love to run and play outdoors. But, natural turf poses multiple problems. Maybe you don’t have the resources (time, money, or manpower) to maintain it properly and looking great, or perhaps you fear using unsafe fertilizers that can be harmful to furry friends. K9Grass by ForeverLawn Mile High is the answer.

Whatever the case may be, maintaining a traditional lawn when faced with urine spots, the harsh sun, and other problems can be especially difficult for dog boarders, dog parks, and similar pet applications. That’s why K9Grass is such a highly sought after and effective solution.

Synthetic Grass Designed for Pets

Unlike other artificial grass products, K9Grass is designed specifically with dogs in mind. This means that the materials have accounted for:

  • Rough playtime out on the field with dogs, and their claws, running and rolling. K9Grass is designed to be extremely durable for even the longest days of fun.
  • Urine and feces that would damage a traditional grass lawn and cause bare spots that are unsightly, and quickly ruin the looks of the otherwise grassy field. With K9Grass, you won’t have this problem at all!
  • The high costs of maintenance when it comes to keeping a traditional lawn healthy around dogs. K9Grass does not require fertilizer, sprinklers, or any gas-powered equipment to maintain. This saves you time, money, and man hours while letting dogs enjoy the turf that much more.

Loved by Everyone

K9Grass allows dogs to go out and have fun, without owners needing to worry about damaging the lawn or harmful chemicals being used to maintain its beauty. K9Grass will look great year-round with minimal maintenance requirements.

In fact, the only things you will have to do to keep K9 Grass looking great is:

  • Clean up messes as they happen. With a drainage system, you don’t need to do anything for urine or other liquids, just remove solid debris from the area.
  • Brush regularly. Brushing against the pile will keep the fibers upright and looking lush and fresh for every visitor to enjoy!
  • Keep hot items away from it, or the grass may melt.

K9 Grass is extremely durable, so you and all of your two- and four-legged guests can enjoy it year-round. There is no better solution out there for dog parks, boarding facilities, or any place that’s expected to receive doggy visitors regularly.

If you’re interested in adding K9Grass to your pet facility, contact us for a quote.

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