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ForeverLawn Mile High FAQ's

ForeverLawn Mile High FAQ's

Does Artificial Grass Need Water?

Natural grass can use up to hundreds and thousands of gallons of water each year, but it’s the opposite with artificial grass. Although it’s low on water, there are a few situations where you may need to use it. If you need to rinse the dust and debris off, which you should do about once a month depending on where you live. Some people will give it a good rinse with the hose before they let their children and pets play on it to cool it off on hot days.

Is Artificial Grass Worth The Money?

Artificial grass has tons of benefits. One of those benefits is time, we just can’t get enough of it and it seems that lawn maintenance takes it all up! With artificial grass, you never have to worry about maintenance again! Everyone dreads getting the lawnmower out every year, it’s a daunting task. With artificial grass, you never have to worry about mowing! With the amount of time and energy it saves, we say artificial grass is certainly worth the money!

How Long Does Artificial Grass Last?

The answer to this question varies, depending greatly on the quality of the turf and installment. Another factor is how well it gets taken care of. Taking care of your lawn can keep the quality up and make it last longer, and what it’s used for also contributes to the length of its wear. Depending on these factors and more, artificial grass can last up to 20 years.

What Do You Use Artificial Grass For?

Artificial grass can be used for a wide variety of things, including being used for softball fields so the field is always in great shape for the game. A lot of people prefer artificial grass for their lawns in place of natural grass because it’s low on maintenance. It’s also great if you live where you don’t have access to grass, that way you can put the artificial grass inside for your kid or animals to enjoy. We really mean it when we say there are so many great ways to use it!

Can Artificial Grass Get Too Hot?

Although artificial grass may get hotter than natural surfaces, it doesn’t absorb and radiate heat. Unlike other synthetic services like pavement and brick, artificial grass won’t stay hot for long periods of time. It’ll quickly cool down once under shade or cloud cover and stay cool. Although it may get a little hot, we can assure you that the benefits outweigh a little summer heat!