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We want only the best for our best friends.

Give them artificial grass that’s engineered to fit their needs.

K9Grass is artificial grass designed for pets.

K9Grass features exclusive flow-through backing, with short dense grass blades, and antimicrobial protection. It’s a cleaner, safer and better smelling alternative your pets will love. Check out how our flow-through background works in this video:


Dogs, cats, and animals of all types will appreciate the relief their joints and paws feel with K9Grass.

You’ll appreciate not having to deal with harsh odors, nasty messes, and damage to your pets play area. And best of all, your pet will stay squeaky clean in this mud-free environment.

Pet facilities benefit as well, with less time spent on clean up and upkeep of a typical grass surface.

Our beautiful, natural-looking turf gives a professional, high-end feel that pet owners prefer. And being safer and cleaner means your facility will see less injuries and illness in the pets who visit.

Safer, cleaner, and simple to maintain—K9Grass is everything you (and your pets!) want in their play area.

Visit K9Grass.com to view detailed product information and specs.

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