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Playground Grass™

Playground Grass

Playground Grass lets your kids be kids.
Energetic, creative & imaginative kids.

Playground Grass is artificial grass that changes the way kids play.

Playground Grass has a unique blade structure. Our new yarn resists wear up to four times that of other competitor’s synthetic grasses. It’s designed to withstand the tough traffic a play area encounters.

Playground Grass stands up to safety standards too.

We play it safe with our artificial grass. Playground Grass has the recommended ASTM and IPEMA certifications. But we also go above and beyond industry standards.

Our systems voluntarily exceed Head Injury Criterion (HIC) recommendations. We offer the best fall safety ratings in the industry. Even after prolonged use, our artificial grass achieves high safety ratings. Every time.

Just how safe is Playground Grass?

Playground Grass is so safe, we simulated a heavy fall using a watermelon. How did our turf stand up? Watch the video to find out:

Visit PlaygroundGrass.com for detailed product information and specifications.

ForeverLawn Mile High creates inspired living spaces, safe play areas and easy-to-maintain pet spots, all with premium artificial turf!

We define the edge of innovation!

Our premium synthetic turf product and attention to detail ensure your project is done the right way, always. ForeverLawn®. projects are inspiration for play time—or any time!

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